Bioderma Sensibio H20: The hype is real!

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Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon, Pulau Peucang.

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A week ago i went to this amazing place. Sebenernya udah lama ada, cuman i find it as a hidden treasure place yang kaya akan pesonanya (ce-ileh hahaha). I went to Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon, actually Ujung Kulon has some few islands and there are several places restricted for public. Kebetulan kita memang pilih Pulau Peucang untuk penginapannya, dan ternyata cuman ada satu penginapan dan sisanya hutan yang mengelilingi pulau itu. The trip was organized by a trip organizer yang memang udah sering bawa turis kesini. Our trip was only over the weekend, kita berangkat hari Jumat sepulang dari kantor, dan balik ke Jakarta minggu malem udah sampe lagi. Totally a sweet short escape!

So here’s the map of Ujung Kulon (picture taken from google). Dari Jakarta we have to drove all the way to Desa Sumur (di peta ini somehow namanya Sumut). It took 6 hours to get here, trus lanjut naik kapal ke satu pulau untuk izin dulu ke Balai Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon. Abis itu we proceed to the first snorkeling & diving destination named as Pulau Badul (di peta ini gak ada nih ahahhaha) pokoknya its a small island with clear white sand beach trus the underwater scenery was ok, fishesnya banyak tapi coralnya biasa aja. 

Ujung-Kulon-National-Park-map-1600Peta Ujung Kulon (atas)


Pulau Badul (bawah)

IMG_2613 edit

Abis itu kita ke Handeuleum, seru nih disini i was really amazed cuman dibatasi tumpukan pasir trus dibalik itu ada sungai air payau yang panjaaaaang banget sungainya dan berujung di waterfall (kita canoeing-nya gak ampe waterfall soalnya waktu terbatas). So we rowed the canoe all the way Cigenter river, setelah sejam-an lebih gak nyampe-nyampe waterfall, akhirnya kita puter balik hahaha but it was a bit deg-degan moment at the same time. Rumours has it crocodiles are still around this river. However we were all safe until the end, asal jangan digangguin aja (misal: tepuk-tepuk air sungai with the paddle) soalnya itu bisa memancing buaya untuk nongol.   


Naek sampan to reach the river (atas)

Nyampe Sungai Cigenter, this is me & my husband hehe 😀 (bawah)10561648_10152405415439775_2381940402184217076_nReady to explore the river with a canoe (bawah)


Selesai dari sini, kita lanjut ke Pulau Peucang that took around 1,5 hour to get there from Handeuleum with a boat. Kalo liat di peta diatas, kita harus ngemuterin daratan yang cukup jauh. However, the long ride was all worth it. I was soooooo excited when we reached the Peucang dock. It was so pretty and i was mesmerized when i throw a glance at the clean beach, the clear blue sea water, and the animals that seems santai banget ngeliat manusia lewat. There was deer (rusa), wild boar (babi hutan) and monkeys walking around the beach & the field.

Untuk penginapannya cuman ada 3 pondokan yang dikelola oleh Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon namanya Fauna Resort (see picture yang ada helipadnya below, far left is the huts), each pondokan terdiri dari beberapa kamar yang juga disewain ke group visitors lainnya. So make sure you’ve already booked a room. Dinding kamarnya semacam dari bambu, tapi the spring bed was clean, kamar mandinya juga bersih. Like all other islands, listrik cuman terbatas dari jam 6 sore ampe jam 7 pagi ya. Oiya kamarnya gak pake AC, just a fan yang surprisingly gak panas kok sepanjang malem. So sorry i also didnt take any pictures of the room. Kalo ada yang mau kemping, gak tau juga sih bisa kemping or not, yang jelas di pulau ini tidak diperbolehkan untuk pasang api unggun apalagi barbekiuan ya. Oiya di pulau ini ada heliport, jadi kalo mau sewa chopper bisa banget loh hahahahaha.


First sight of this island as we reached the dock (atas)

Daratan Pulau Peucang (bawah)




Abis check in, the boat Captain (maunya dipanggil komodor) showed us Karang Copong yang harus ditempuh pake kapal. I didnt take any pictures of it, soalnya udah sore dan mulai gelap and everyone was focused on the sunset hahaha. The next day i dove in the sea early in the morning and saw a bunch of a mackarel schooling fish! dozens of fishes! too bad the visibility was not that clear (the sun wasn’t up yet hehe). My friend had a chance to spear some fishes with a speargun, relax it’s safe to go spearfishing with a speargun. 


Mackarel (ikan kembung) schooling fish enak banget nih buat jadi pepes peda 😛 (atas)

My friend, Mario, aiming the fishes (bawah)



Some of the fishes our friends catched during the trip. There’s many more! (atas)

Well done guys for the hardwork! (bawah)


Selepas dari sini, kita lanjut nyebrang ke Cidaon where we found a bunch of banteng lagi pada makan di savana yang luas banget. We had to walk through the forest pathway first to reach the savanna. My husband had to sneak in to get some pictures of the bison. These bison are preserved by the Ujung Kulon National park team dan gak bisa sembarangan masuk kesini, so we can only watch from far behind. Sayangnya kita gak ngeliat any badak during the trip.


10460284_10152405416904775_2613149404084131417_n10556475_10152405417079775_1311864442257868811_nAbis dari sini kita banyak mampir ke beberapa snorkeling & diving spots near to Tanjung Layar. Tanjung Layar ini masih bagian dari daratan Pulau Jawa, tepatnya di ujung Pulau Jawa (bener-bener di ujung pisan hahaha). The underwater was lovely, corals are still colorful and so much alive with so many fishes in the surrounding. Don’t ask how many fishes, there were a lot! After that we went back to Pulau Peucang, checked out and headed to Pulau Oar. Pulau Oar has the best underwater view so far (IMHO), too bad i didnt take any pictures of it. 


Oh well, this is the end of the trip. Hope i can go here again and explore more of Ujung Kulon.


Me with the huge parrot fish, rumours has it this fish is best to served as sashimi (atas) 

My urdhvadhanurasana pose 😀 (bawah) 

Put your best foot forward. Oh, 2013.

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This year has been amazing to me. I might experienced some ups and downs, the most important thing is, being thankful is the key of everything i’ve went through. In the beginning of the year, my baby girl,  Alunada was born and a month later when Alunada’s father had his 30th birthday, we discovered a shocking news. It was something that we really need to adjust in our life, but after months over months Alhamdulillah we can finally get over it.

Second quarter of the year was a tipping point for me. I found a better job with new environment that is very different with the previous one. This career changing experience is something that i did planned for this year. I dont want to get stuck in my comfort zone and would like to find a new scenery for my daily basis life. Yet, once again i am grateful that i had this great opportunity. Alhamdulillah.

The last quarter of our life is pretty much stable, but still doesn’t mean that we’re steady (yet). Everything needs process right? We owned our very first house, but still have not enjoy any single day in it. It’s okay, we appreciate whatever God has arranged for us.

It just came to my attention another downside of this year is that i tend to forget important things for myself, like delaying my diet plan. It’s not that i don’t want to, but my baby still needs nutrition from me. Yep, i’m still breast feeding my baby up until now, 11 months. But i promised myself that i will and HAVE TO drop some weight before Alunada turns one year old (like, seriously).

Not to mention, my husband has been really supportive in every steps i’ve taken. Despite his frustration of not getting a new game console (tee-hee! sorry love, i promise i’ll make it up to you), i can absolutely tell that he gets patience points from me xp. With the effective communication we have, almost every issues that we faced are solved. This is another thing that i need to be thankful of. Alhamdulillah.

To be frank, i honestly don’t have any key objective targets for 2014. I just want to live happily, with no burden on my shoulders and appreciate given moments, cos we only live once in our life.

Now, the only thing that i can say is, just do the best and let God do the rest. We might not be the best amongst the rest, but we shall put all of our effort to make it the best. I am the type of person who likes new things, which automatically means i never limit myself with not trying. So, thank you 2013. You have taught me to be strong & grateful, which i will always keep that in mind.

My baby girl

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She’s adorable right? I know, i know…she’s definitely our precious gift given from God ♄ welcome to earth baby, we love you beyond words!

The Nalendra’s ♄

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Its not a goodbye Wulan Siahaan!

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Me & Wulan

Goodluck my dear friend! We will soon meet and work together again *amieen *sambil usap muka 😀

My wedding day

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Alhamdulillah. Everything went well on our wedding day :))

Thank you everyone for supporting our wedding reception, really can’t thank you enough guys…bissous mes cheries!! :*